Text Box: When Speed and Accuracy Count!!!

Turnaround time is determined by you, the client, but your requirements should be highlighted at acceptance of your quotation, so as to enable us to meet your requirements. 

Transferring of sound files is a quick and easy process and comes at no charge to our clients.  On your acceptance of our quotation, we will forward you an internet link and guide you through the process.

Turnaround Times

Transferring of Audio

Policies & Procedures

Bee-Write takes pride in its ability to take seriously the confidentiality aspects of transcription and the importance of confidentiality.  All Bee-Write transcriptionists are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and our customers are provided with our signed confidentiality agreement and assurance that all matters are treated with the utmost discretion.

Prices for transcription are based on an hour of audio.  By way of example, an hour of audio could take between four and six hours to transcribe.  Labour hours are largely dependent on the quality of sound, number of speakers and other factors. The more information we are provided with, the better, since clarity on the spelling of relevant names etc. could save time and hence reduce costs. In this respect, approximate quotations are provided on receipt of your audio files.  We pride ourselves on offering excellent service at affordable rates.


Pricing Structure